Needs More Pony

Took a short break from commission work to doodle this response.

I see RD has having a runner’s body. Most people like this do not have excessively large muscles at all, but they’re none the less extremely well toned and visible.

As opposed to AJ, the other athletic one. AJ has more of a weight-lifter’s body, typified by large muscles and a strong frame.

FYI, all of this totally applies to anthros as well as humanized.

Keep in mind, I’ve never had an anatomy class, this is all stuff I’ve taught myself; and it’s not perfect. I also still suffer from relying on the exact same body type when I don’t know how else to draw something. And even though I’m pretty sure I know what these body types SHOULD look like, I struggle to actually portray them. Something I’m actively working on improving.

For example, I just realized that they’re both lacking in stomach muscles. RD should have a slightly visible six-pack, and AJ should actually have a bit more of a gut in general, as the diaphragm can’t support as much weight with a skinny waist. But I also don’t know how to properly draw stomach muscles well. XD

Welp, I’ve added something to my “Learn How To Draw” list.

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